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  • Do you have an idea or an invention?
  • Do you want to apply for a patent?
  • Do you know your competitors?

Search-a-patent assists companies and inventors. We are experts in patents search and analysis!


Search-a-patent provides information that helps you through the patent process, from the first idea sketch to the approved patent. We keep you informed about new technological developments in the market, as well as any competitors' patents.

Our well-structured reports contain clear information - relevant, goal-oriented and easily digested - delivered within the agreed time frame and at very competitive rates.


Our services

We quickly let you know whether your idea or invention is new!

We help you save time and money. Let us find any obstacles before you proceed with your patent application.

We find any patents that pose a threat to your product.

We monitor your competitors' and other new players' technological achievements.


Ordering a search

In order to carry out a search for you, we need documentation of your idea, invention or product. Please forward to us a clear description, for example a sketch or drawing accompanied by an explanatory text.

It's as easy as that!


Our new reporteditorTM is a professional web tool allowing you to create and deliver customized patent search reports in an advanced and secure way.

reporteditorTM is helping you to:

Create online customized patent reports in a click.
Add publications from any of your favorite patent search tool or database.