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Novelty search

Let us find out if your invention is new. One of the conditions for approval of a patent application is that the invention described is novel. At the same time, you want the patent claims to provide as much protection for your invention as possible. In most cases a novelty search will provide the tools necessary for preparing a well-formulated patent application before you invest time and money.

Working from a draft patent application or technical description, with a drawing if possible, we search for patent documents, applications or other technical publications(Non-Patent Literature -NPL). Our novelty searches are carried out at a standard rate. We are happy to assist you with defining your search assignment.

The Novelty Search for your invention takes into consideration what can be found including existing patent claims and the scope of existing patents. The documents found are presented in order of relevance.

The layout of the report differs from that of the technical survey in that we extract and highlight particularly relevant segments, making it easier to find your way around what is often a very extensive document.

Demo search report

Technical survey

A technical survey provides insight into a specific technological area, together with a first indication as to whether your idea is new. In a cost-effective manner, you find out if your idea is worth proceeding with before you invest time and money in writing and filing a patent application. The technical survey is not a Novelty Search Light. It does not take in consideration patent claims or the scope of existing patents.

The technical survey can also be useful when you encounter a technological problem and want a first insight into a technical area before beginning a development project.

This survey is offered at a standard rate. To conduct the search we need a brief description or suggested solution to a problem, including a sketch if possible. If the description provided is not suitable for a technical survey, we will contact you.

The report contains a list of documents found. It also includes an abstract of or excerpt from each document, a drawing and a link to the original document. In addition, we let you know in what other countries the patent applications have been published. Depending on the information provided to INPADOC by patent authorities, we note whether or not they have been approved and whether approved patents are still valid or have expired.

Should you decide to proceed with your patent application, we recommend that you complement the technical survey with a novelty search regarding the solution you wish to protect. The technical survey provides an overview of a technical field, while a novelty search provides insight into a specific solution.

Patent watch

Use us as guardians of your patent or product. We provide you with ongoing information concerning publications or patents within a specific technical field - monthly, quarterly or with whatever frequency you require. If you want to keep an eye on your competitors' achievements, you can do so by using a patent watch. It's also a quick and effective way of identifying new competitors. We help you define your patent watch according to your needs.

Invalidity search

If you want to be able to decide if a patent is valid or not, you can have us perform a invalidity search. This could be done, for example, if your work is hindered by a patent or if you have been subject to a claim of patent infringement. The search can, hopefully, result in evidence that the hindering patent ought to be declared invalid. This information can be used by you in the event of legal proceedings.

Other potential benefits of having a validity search done:

  • Allow you to challenge a competitor's patent in order to save licence costs

  • Assist you in making decisions regarding licence agreements or investments in new patents or products

  • Secure evidence to be used in the event of a competitor's claims of infringement

  • An early investigation can save you time and legal costs

Infringement search

*Freedom to operate (FTO) search*

Before launching a new product, it is imperative to evaluate any risk of infringing upon competitors' patents. Taking your specifications into account, we will undertake an analysis of the current market situation. Benefits of an FTO search include:

  • Investigate whether you risk committing patent infringement by checking for relevant patents before you begin production or marketing

  • Enable you to begin production, marketing or import of a product into a specific market without unnecessary concerns

  • Protect yourself against any claims of patent infringement

  • Facilitate your making well-founded business decisions, for example in identifying any patents that need to be licensed, modifying the way you develop your product, or determining whether you should import or export your product - or change its market.

State of the art search - Technical search

Do you want to know how far others have advanced within a particular technical field?

Do you have an idea or a project that's given rise to your need for, and overview of, technical developments in a specific area?

We have the experience needed to help you define and formulate the task according to your needs.

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