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About Us

Search-a-patent has extensive experience of working with intellectual property rights. The company was founded in 2007 and with sister companies in the US, UK and Israel it is one of the largest patent search and analysis companies in Europe. With our experience in all technical fields and our specialized expertise in patent searches, we at Search-a-patent execute the easily evaluated searches that our clients need.

Assignments are carried out by engineers who hold university degrees and are specialized in patent information and intellectual property rights. Our team has extensive experience in the patent field from national patent offices, patent and law firms and patent departments in industry.

Our focus is on you, your product, your inventions and not just during the patent process, but throughout your product's entire lifecycle. Whether you are in industry, in a patent law firm, or filing for a patent as a private inventor, we stand by your side. We insure you to always have the best databases and search tools available and we continuously invest time and money in the development of our own search and reporting tools.

Our aim is to increase your competitiveness by providing the information necessary for making sound decisions about whether or not to proceed with a business idea, patent application, search for potential risks for infringements, help during invalidation or opposition process.