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Ordering a search


In order to carry out a search for you, we need documentation of your idea or product. This should be a clear description of your invention, for example a sketch or drawing accompanied by an explanatory text.

The clearer your description, the better our chances of conducting a conclusive search.

Technical survey

For a technical survey, please provide us with one page written in English or Swedish and, if possible, a drawing or sketch illustrating your idea. One section should describe the problem or object of your invention and another should describe your solution. You should also include information about known prior art and as to how your solution differs from it, i.e inform about existing solutions, so that we can more effectively produce new information for you.

Please note that a technical survey does not address the specific problem that is addressed in a possible patent application, but rather provides a general view of the technical area. Should you decide to proceed with your patent application, we recommend that you complement the technical survey with a novelty search regarding the solution you wish to protect.

Novelty search

For a novelty search, your documentation should include a draft patent application or technical description and, if possible, a drawing. In this case the text should be in English. If your documentation has been prepared in another language we can help you with translation into English. Please include all prior art that you are aware of, for example the results of any prior technical surveys or novelty searches.

Other services

You are always welcome to contact us for more information regarding documentation or for details of what is included in reports from our other services.

Our search report

We always provide you with a report of our findings. Any information relevant to your search will of course be included in the report.

The report is designed to be more than simply a list of documents we find. For every patent document we also attach our family and legal status report, which provides an initial overview of patent authorities where the patent is or could become valid.

Demo search report

Safe and secure handling

Your trust is important to us and we will naturally treat all of your information confidentially. We ensure that everything you send us is handled to ensure the security of your information. After a completed assignment, we either destroy all documentation or return it to you.

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